Kalpa- beauty and health

How to look Beautiful…How to look attractive?….ummm…forever?

Aren’t these questions that pop up in the minds of most people? The key to looking attractive lie  in the dewy glow of your skin, the symmetry of your facial features and healthy body. This we all agree…more or less.

This blog is dedicated to making people feel good about themselves. Making people feel attractive, confident and yes, if you feel good, chances are you will spread the cheer!

So back to beauty and how to achieve that goal…the paths can be different for each one of us. And with millions of products and  tons of advice you are no longer so sure what to do. Healthy glowing skin, striking features and of course shiny bouncy hair…

While some appear to be blessed with all or at least some of the above others seem to have none at all. Here I shall share with you my experience and knowledge both acquired through my years in the beauty industry. Why some remedies will work and some may not, why some products should not be touched with a barge pole even if they assure you of 100% results…I will take you through this journey of knowing your skin and body constitution well enough to make the right choices.

If  you  are able to do that I will consider my job done…!

Sarve Sukhino Bhavantu…May all beings be well.



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