Acne Prevention Programme-APP



Why does acne occur?
Many reasons, like excess sebum(oil secreted by your skin),dirt and grime that stick to your skin due to that excess sebum, hormonal imbalances, dead skin and clogged pores.

# No. 1…So your first priority should be to keep your skin clean of oil and grime. This means you need to wash your face/affected areas twice a day using a mild, preferably neem based facewash or cleanser.
This doesn’t mean you use soaps or facewashes that claim to remove the oil from your face….NO!!!

Please understand that the oil or sebum secreted by your sebaceous glands, is there for a reason. This is the body’s natural defense barrier against the Sun, the wind and pollution, also it keeps your skin wrinkle free.

Haven’t you seen this around you? The friend with dry skin and no pimples is usually the one to get fine lines and wrinkles before you, the oily-skinned one. Now you know…


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