Acne Prevention Programme-APP Part 2

We normally presume acne is a result of excess sebum produced by your skin’s sebaceous glands. But why do the glands do what they do? and why do the glands in another person’s facial skin, not behave the way they do on your skin?
Well, we are all very unique. Each of us is born with a basic body constitution, defined in Ayurveda as predominantly Kapha, Pitta, Vata or combos of these. You may be any one of these…But I am digressing...I will surely come back on this pet subject of mine some other day.
So usually the acne suffering population is predominantly Pitta based constitution. Meaning your body has higher energy levels, higher metabolic rate, awesome digestive powers ( yes, chances are you are one of those who can eat as much as you want and never gain weight!), also you will probably have thin or silky brown hair, requiring a shampoo to wash off the “chip-chip” every second day and you might be described as ambitious, driven, or even short-tempered at times! All thanks to Pitta dosha. This is the same factor that makes to warm to touch in the cold weather, meaning your skin has higher thermal level than others, with a reddish tinge…also causing your sebaceous glands to work overtime, in tur causing excess oil secretion. This principle is working full blast in the summers, thanks to outside temperature.

So now you know…kalpasmileypitta


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