What are you surrounded by? Have you noticed?

You would say air, environment, etc. Yes, and what is in this environment? You would say -a lot of things, including pollution… very true.

What I am trying to bring to your attention is the enormous amount of inorganic, synthetic and unnecessary matter that is ingested by us on a daily basis. Right from the time you wake up and brush your teeth or gargle your mouth to the time you drive your car to and from work, down to the time you crash into bed, you are constantly exposed to these unwanted and often toxic load of chemical matter. Why?

Simply, because you have been told repeatedly ( in the form of billboards, TV and print media ads)that the sparkly translucent toothpaste is the only solution to looking and feeling good and being accepted socially. Then there is the  car freshener, the chic perfume, the hand sanitizer (that did not exist a few years ago and wonder how civilization got by without it!!) and the chemical mosquito repellents….And the list goes on….

Hmmm… you would say… but I need to look sophisticated when I am at work or on a date or any other social event…? Yes you most certainly do…Let me show you what you can replace with good results and minimum toxins.

Take your toothpaste for instance- It contains several man-made chemicals that serve you no purpose. Instead they are there to enhance the shelf life of the said product, or to give it a smooth shiny or luxuriant feel, depending upon the marketing strategy. And, you are probably ingesting some of them everyday, little by little. Do you really need this?

Did you know that in different cultures around the world, people used ( some still use) completely natural stuff to maintain dental hygiene and believe me they have no idea or need of a dentist!!

Some of the natural dental care items are given below:

Activated charcoal-

made from wood, coconut husk, also look what I found on Wikipedia- “Toothpaste:In Kerala, India, charcoal from Rice husks (Umikari in Malayalam) were universally used for over centuries in cleaning teeth, before toothpaste replaced it.”

It is said that activated charcoal helps whiten teeth while promoting good oral health by changing the pH balance in the mouth, helping prevent cavities, bad breath and gum disease.

Salt-kalpa smiley teeth

Yes, your ordinary, inexpensive table salt or even better sea salt. The Chinese had a variety of recipes for toothpaste as well, and often utilized herbs and salt in the hopes of cleaning their teeth. However you need to be careful in case you have one of those amalgam fillings or sensitive gums.  Baking  soda is known to be used alongwith or instead of salt.

Neem twigs-

Researchers believe that the use of neem toothbrushes is responsible for the bright smiles and healthy teeth of Indian villagers, people who never had access to any modern dental care facilities, products or fancy toothpaste. Bitter to taste, but a superb antiseptic. More on http://www.discoverneem.com/neem-toothbrush.html.

Do give yourself  a better choice, more of wellness and health rather than convenience and sparkle!!!


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